Why the Number of School Shootings Has Risen and What Are Schools Doing to Prevent It

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Some people may expect bad things to happen in lower income, inner city schools but were shocked to see something that devastating happen in an affluent, suburban high school. This article will mention some of the crimes that have happened in recent years and what are the changes schools are making to prevent further killings and shooting to happen in our schools. Some changes are the addition of metal detectors, the removal of a kid's locker and have just hooks for coats and bags and some decorative shelving where items are all visible, and some other things pertaining to dress codes.

One of the consistent themes that seem to resonate from the kids who cause these violent acts in school is that they felt like they were either ridiculed by other classmates or that they were outsiders. Up until 1995, school shootings were considered quite rare but unfortunately since then, there have been many that have happened with the most recent one and deadliest one happening at Virginia Tech where one student claimed 32 lives including his own. Most of the shootings have been caused by students that attend the school and are very familiar with the routine of the school as well as the layout of the building. There have also been more fatalities prior to that in Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee and Minnesota to name a few.

After the attacks, many students told authorities that they had heard the student make threats about what they were going to do but most of the times, the kids never reported it to staff thinking that the student did not really mean it. Now students are taught that if anyone ever says they will perform a violent act, to report it to school officials or the police immediately. Looking back on a lot of the crimes, there were definite signs that many of these students planned to do this violent shooting ahead of time and there was evidence that they did not keep it secret. Teachers, counselors are now also taught to look for signs of students that feel isolated or that are being teased or bullied with many schools creating a zero tolerance policy for that type of behavior towards another student.

A lot of high schools have changed things physically about their schools to try to prevent kids from bringing in weapons or explosives to the building. One way is to have metal detectors placed at the main entrance where all of the students may only enter the building that way. This has helped a bit to prevent weapons from entering schools.

Some schools are eliminating lockers from buildings. Many new schools built in Colorado were made without lockers to prevent students from hiding anything dangerous. Also, long, trench coat style apparel has been banned from some schools as something a person can hide weapons under as well.

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