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You've heard that using your email to sell products or services on the internet is the thing to do but you have no idea where to start.
Using email as a sales tool doesn't have to be complicated.
You need to connect with your audience no matter what tool you use.
Email just allows you another way to do so.
Some of the common reasons why business owners don't use email marketing is because they (1) fear it will take up too much time or (2) don't feel they have enough expertise to write a 'newsletter' or (3) feel that marketing through email is 'spamming'.
Let's address each of these issues: 1.
Too Much Time - This is a common issue that business owners face.
They put off using email to make sales because they feel like it will take away from their other business activities and end up being a time drain.
Here's the thing though: You email marketing really doesn't need to be a fancy, high graphic email Newsletter.
- You can offer quick weekly tips that take you 15 minutes each week to write.
- You can have a special offers list where you tell people what you have for sale.
- You can do a weekly article.
- You can give short, quick updates on your business.
- You can even set your email marketing on auto-pilot using autoresponders.
It's your email list so you get to set the rules.
Don't let lack of time stop you! The amount of time you will save by having a responsive list to sell to will far outweigh the input of time in the beginning.
Not an Expert - Some people believe they need to be a 'guru' or an expert to write emails that people will want to read.
This is so untrue! Many people want to learn from someone like them.
Someone who remembers what it's like to struggle, to learn the hard way and someone who's willing to give the step-by-step information they need to move along that path.
Business success is a gradual growth and no one expects you to be an expert overnight.
If you've been in business for a while you have great information to share and there are people out there waiting to hang on your every word.
Just get going, be honest and people will love you.
Email Sales is Spamming - Yes we are overloaded with email and spam is a terrible issue.
Does that mean you should concede to the spammers and not even try? NO WAY! You can have an email list to sell to without selling like a spammer.
Provide great value, treat people the way you'd like to be treated, do good business and you have no worries about making people upset.
The great thing about email marketing too is if you set your system up properly when people want to leave your list they can do so at the click of a button.
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