How to Test Memory Type

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    • 1). Check your manufacturer's website. If you head to your manufacturer's support page and look up information pertaining to your exact model of computer, the website will typically tell you what kind of memory is installed in the computer.

    • 2). Use a software option. For more obscure computer systems, or for systems that have been custom built, the manufacturer's website might not be an option. In this case, depending on whether you are using a Windows, Mac, or Linux system, there are several different software applications (most of which are free) which you can use to detect your memory type.

    • 3). Inspect the memory module. This will obviously require some disassembly of the system in order to access the memory modules. Most memory modules will have a sticker or some kind of model number printed on them, which you can then use to search for the exact type of memory modules your computer contains.

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