Make Him Fall in Love - Try to Understand How He Thinks

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Is there some inside information on knowing how to make a man fall in love? How do some women just seem to draw men's attention so effortlessly? What do they know that others don't? How can you get that magic touch and make it work for you? You are in the right place; continue reading and you can be the woman that has that special something that can make any man fall in love.
Disregard the initial feelings of lust which all men feel when they first meet a woman they are interested in.
His strong physical attraction will keep his head spinning but the intensity will soon diminish.
He might even think that he is falling in love already because men often become confused by the emotions of lust as compared to those of love.
Use the following suggestions to provide a foundation for your relationship that will last past the lustful stage.
Be around when your guy feels good.
Pay attention and watch to see when your guy seems to be really enjoying himself and is at his happiest.
Be there.
Plan to tag along whenever you know that your man will be taking part in some of his favorite activities.
He's having fun; you are there; you must be the one that makes him happy.
Of course you can make him fall in love, he always feels good when you are around.
Give him time and space to set the pace for your relationship.
He will not progress as quickly as you into love and commitment, so don't fight it.
Let him take the lead in moving forward and just enjoy your connection as it develops.
Any pressure you place on him to rush it up will definitely make him take two steps back instead of one step forward.
Let him be the first to plan that romantic weekend getaway, take you to meet the family, or say the "L" word.
Not only do men release their emotions more gradually, they need to feel as though they are in control of the situation.
If you want to make him fall in love, give him that luxury.
It will definitely work out much better for you in the end.
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