What Beyond the Secret Can Teach Us

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Beyond the Secret is the follow up movie to the movie The Secret.
The Secret looked at the Law of Attraction and showed viewers how anyone is able to manifest the things that they want and need into their lives.
Beyond the Secret however went a little further and had a lot more to tell people on the subject.
So what can Beyond the Secret teach us?
  • The essence of the secret is the spirit.
    Without understanding the power of the spirit a person will not be able to fulfil their true potential.
  • You must come to accept that if what you are asking the universe for is purely egotistical you are unlikely to find that it manifests itself.
    The universe will actively work against egotistical urges and impulses and will instead seek to manifest more positivity.
  • Consciousness becomes being.
    When a person becomes truly conscious they will find that there are thoughts are no longer motivated by impulses.
    Instead they will start being and will find that what comes to them is truly deserved.
  • Instead of doing only what feels good to you, you should instead do things that feel right.
    By doing the right thing you will create a feeling of goodness which will spread throughout your being.
  • In the Secret the three rules were ask, believe and receive.
    In Beyond the Secret this has changed to surrender, align and contribute.
    This puts more of an emphasis on the actions of the person who is following the Law of Attraction and shows how they have responsibility to contribute positively to the universe.
  • The Law of Attraction can be used by anyone at any time; however the motives for using this can be very different.
    Some people may use the technique for egotistical means whereas others will only look to it for spiritual ends.
    Anything that is requested purely on an egotistical level will be rejected by the Law of Attraction as this is counter-productive to the technique.
  • As you can see Beyond the Secret expands on what has already been shown in The Secret.
    It focuses more on the spirit and how this can play a huge role in manifesting abundance and prosperity into your life.
    There are a lot of programs that go beyond what the Secret though and these programs provide you with the information you need to change limiting beliefs and really succeed with your manifestations.
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