Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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I've heard some frightening stories of office cleanliness - or the lack of it in my time.
I've also seen a fair few first hand that could certainly do with the Kim and Aggie treatment.
Eating at the desk has become a recent habit in the workplace.
With so many people eager to please they are denying themselves proper lunch breaks so they are not in the firing line when the redundancy train rolls by.
Grabbing the nearest sandwich or even worse, chocolate, crisps and a cup-a-soup (not necessarily in that order) has become an everyday occurrence for some worried workers.
They should, however, be slightly more worried about the state of their desks.
It is thought that the average desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
I bet that's made you want to get you anti-bacterial wipes out We're constantly touching our keyboards with our grubby 'I've been eating my lunch at my desk' fingers so it's no surprise that they too are probably housing their own eco systems.
With all the little nooks and crannies that a keyboard has, the possibilities are disgustingly endless.
Keyboards need delicate care and attention when cleaning, but the results are definitely worth it.
We've all had that moment at home when we finally get round to dusting the television screen and then suddenly realise that the colour settings on the TV didn't need adjusting after all.
No? Just me? Well if you can for a moment imagine the state of all the computer screens in your office right now...
dusty indeed.
Another way that people have been trying to avoid the redundancy train is by never taking a day off work.
The amount of germs that are floating around offices due to this has surely risen.
With air conditioning providing a hop-on-hop-off system for the germy air, no where is safe.
If you spy someone who is clearly far too ill to be at work, do them and the rest of the workers a favour by getting them sent home.
Kitchen facilities are a lovely addition to every office.
As well as providing endless supplies of tea and coffee, they offer a place to escape from the desk to for a bid of mid morning natter.
Commonplace in the any office kitchen is a fridge, and this is where the nasties play.
A regimented weekly clear out is the best way to prevent it from come becoming a health hazard.
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