A Significant Point in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

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Something is going on right now which could, in hindsight, turn out to be a significant point in the evolution of human consciousness.
What is it? Well it is the 'conjunct' of the Sun, Venus, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.
For those non-astrologers amongst us a conjunct is where planets are practically sitting side by side, so their energies merge, blend and combine.
I would call this a Stellium too (which is a 'cluster of stars' where four or more planets are conjunct in the same sign, in this case Aquarius) I always pay special attention to whatever happens during 'Aquarius' season these days, since we are on the cusp of the Aquarian age (and some would argue it is well under way!) Whenever there is a blending of energies of any kind the results are always a bit hit and miss..
there are no guarantees that the resulting mix will bear any resemblance to its' constituent parts.
But let's look at the potential here.
What if...
just what if...
these energies are combining for a reason? And that reason has to do with the evolution of human consciousness? What could be possible in a conjunct of the above energies? If I were to make up a story it could go something like this: A cluster of stars, namely the Sun (heart opening) and Venus( Divine love in all its forms) and Neptune (Universal spirit) are surrounding Chiron (our collective wound) Could it be that our collective wounds are being brought to the light and magnified in a potentially very healing energy field right now, to open all of our hearts that we may flow loving kindness toward each other, and thereby know our spiritual connectedness to be a living reality? Just a suggestion! And why is this happening in the sign of Aquarius? The soul purpose of Aquarius is to "pour forth the waters of love and life for thirsty humanity" Astrologer Pat Paquette (realastrologers.
) is one of the few who have given this event any real significance.
She calls it a "gateway for planetary healing" Yes.
Aquarius would be the portal, channel, or gateway..
and the conjunct would be the 'energy soup' that is pouring through to us right now.
Interesting that there is currently a global outpouring of compassion and loving kindness toward the people of Haiti.
There is a TV appeal featuring ex- US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, which is a model for us to set aside our differences and pull together for the common good of humanity.
That would be the Aquarian way.
So I just wanted to point out that there is a little something going on above, which could be mirrored in what is going on down here on earth.
As above, so below.
Maybe Life brought in the 'big guns' to get us to finally 'play nice' together down here! When all is said and done, it will be interesting to see how we have shifted in our feelings towards each other, and the world, during this time.
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