The Number One Killer of a Home Based Businesses

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The number one killer of home based businesses today and also one of the easiest problems to fix is not acting quickly to solve problems.
Many hard working people see their home based businesses fail every year because they failed to act quickly and solve a problem that could have been easy to resolve had they taken action quickly.
This article covers the most common things we all do when problems arise and also provides creative problem solving techniques to help you solve problems quickly and move on from them.
Some of the biggest obstacles to problem solving are: 1.
Thinking about the problem too much - This is very easy to do and also the biggest obstacle to problem solving because our minds have the tendency to blow problems out of proportion and before we know it a problem that could have been simple to solve has turned into a giant obstacle that there is no solution for.
No communication - The worse thing you can do when a problem comes up is spend time alone thinking about it.
Sleep on it - This is another bad thing to do because by going to sleep and not dealing with it you loose the motivation to find a solution for a problem that should be resolved today.
Take care of it later - Why procrastinate on solving a problem when you can work on solving a problem that should be resolved today? Here are simple, creative problem solving ideas: 1.
Get away - Leave your office and get away for a little bit! If you have a park in your area or someplace where you can be at one with nature this will help to relieve stress and recharge your energy so you will be motivated to go back and face the problem again.
Talk about it - This solution is also something that's easily overlooked because most people will go inward and dwell on the problem instead of talking with someone about what they are going through.
You never know what solutions will come up for your problem if you actually take the time to talk with other people about it.
Ask an expert - Do you know someone who has gone through the same problem that you're dealing with? Why not ask them for the solutions that they used to solve the problem instead of trying to come up with the solutions yourself? If the solution already exists why try and invent a new one? 4.
Break the problem into steps - This can be easy as getting out a blank sheet of paper, drawing squares on the paper and in each square write out each step or steps that are necessary to solve the problem.
By doing this you're retraining your brain to think that there is no problem that can't be solved and there are solutions for anything you go through.
Do something! - Don't spend critical time sitting around thinking about how bad the problem is! Do something about the problem before the problem overwhelms you.
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