How to Drain the Radiator in a 2004 Audi

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    • 1). Place a jack under the driver's side and center it on the transmission cross member. Jack the driver's side of the Audi until you can place a jack stand next to the jack. Raise the Audi high enough to place your bucket under the radiator.

    • 2). Locate the petcock (drain) on the passenger's side of the radiator. It will be located on the bottom corner of the radiator. Place a bucket or container larger enough to catch at least 3 gallons of radiator fluid.

    • 3). Open the petcock with a pair of pliers. If the petcock does not easily open with the pliers, do not force it. Spray automotive spray lubricant onto the petcock to help break up any rust or dirt that prevents the petcock from opening. Automotive spray lubricant is available from most auto part retailers. The more you open the petcock, the faster the fluid will run out. Move the bucket periodically to catch all of the fluid as it drains out.

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