Avoid Unfulfilling And Bad Relationships They Can Mess U

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A bad relationships is poisonous to both the body and the soul. If you are in a bad relationships you had better get out. There are people who have very low self esteem of themselves. They sometimes try to make other people feel bad about themselves too. They will make sure they highlight all the bad things in their mates make their partners feel less of a person. A toxic partner will also make you feel bad because they do not want you to have the courage to leave them. They will even go further and make you feel there is no other person in the world that could possibly love you because you do not deserve it. They might even make you think they are doing you a favor by loving you and being with you. They will make you feel very useless.

A bad relationships is one where your partner keeps telling you how stupid you are. Everytime you try to do something they will tell you it is a stupid thing that even a child could have thought better than you. They will even go ahead and tell you how stupid the idea is and how it cannot work. Sometimes you might even see they make sense because you probably never thought it could go like that. But that does not mean it cannot work out. If you were to review the project anyway you will discover like any other project it has its own disadvantages and what they were telling you about is just one obstacle. What about the many advantages associated with it?

A bad relationships is one where you partner frequently threatens you. Your partner might frequently threaten to leave you or even to kill you. According to them, you do not add any value to anyone's life and it would be better if you left, and its not only leaving them but if you left the world completely. They might even once in a while give you a thorough beating to make their point clear. A bad relationships has a degree of some domestic violence.

If you are in a relationship and your partner does not respect you that is a bad relationships. Your partner might embarrass you when you friends and family members are around. He or she might also cause the children to disrespect you. This because of the things they tell the children about you. Children will not respect their parents if the partners to do not respect each other. Just like an abusive relationship, you should never stay in a bad relationships. You might be scared of getting out of it but the greatest courage is loving yourself enough to be able stand up for yourself and saying enough is enough and leave. You might end up not recognizing your self if you stayed longer in a bad relationships. They will make you feel unimportant and make you retreat in your shell. You might even start depending on them for everything.
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