Help! My Child Has Head Lice!

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Many parents every year get a call from their child's school or day care center saying that their child has head lice. The conversation usually starts with the declaration that your son or daughter has lice and that you should immediately picked him up from school. Once at school, you are then given the information that your child cannot return until they are considered lice free by the school nurse or you obtain a written note from your medical doctor.

Nothing is said however that your child's lice infestation was probably due to behaviors at school. Lice, do not fly or jump from one person to another. They normally hitch a ride to infect another person on a hat, hairbrush, comb, or hair band like an adornment that's shared between friends. You can take solace in the fact that your child, although having contracted lice, has close enough friends that they share articles of clothing and personal care items.

Regardless of the amount of lice in your child's hair, it's critical that they be killed and removed as quickly as possible. Consider a single adult female can lay up to 200 eggs per month. Once hatched, this single female and her offspring will be responsible for almost 2 million eggs at the end of only 3 months.

This is the main reason why school districts and schools are on the lookout for any hair lice outbreak. By not taking immediate action, many other children may end up with lice. Children seem to be the most at risk for getting lice in their hair.

There are many products on the market today to children's head lice. Unfortunately, there are just as many so-called natural remedies to deal with head lice that also promise a quick and easy way to get rid of the problem. These solutions include olive oil, petroleum jelly or petrolatum, and even mayonnaise. While a check on the Internet will reveal that all these remedies have some parents who claim one or another remedy works, just as many report the same treatment as ineffective.

So where does that leave a concerned parent, who needs a head lice treatment that works for children? The answer is there are no simple solutions to dealing with head lice other than a methodical attack using high-quality products. New head lice can be expected if the removal of the initial lice infestation is not done correctly and completely.

Use the link below to pick up a free report on how to control and eliminating lice in your home. This is important because even a single louse can result in a re-infection of not only your child but possibly others and your family. You must commit yourself to going on the attack and do a thorough job of cleaning any potential sources of reinfestation.
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