Make Blogging a Pleasure

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What is the idea behind blogging? Is it for mere pleasure or for money making? The primary purpose should be pleasure to share your ideas with others and possible interactions holding healthy discussions.
The subject selected should have some relevance and the blog should be of interest for reading.
There is no purpose in merely publishing all rubbish and waste time on it.
A serious writer would have no dearth for subject.
He need not go to search for keywords and labor on it.
First and foremost, the writer should acquire knowledge from his surroundings and select items which according to him may be interesting to others.
Any manipulation with the use of technology to attract public attention and to draw traffic may serve his purpose temporarily.
Another important thing to remember is that blogs should be written in simple language understandable even to a common reader whose literature may not be so strong.
It should be precise but at the same time drive home the points the writer has to say.
The writer should have enough conviction but should not hesitate to share his doubts and seek other people's opinion.
Be realistic and you are sure to win.
Let the blog be from the bottom of your heart and make it a true and realistic experience to the readers.
Select topics of public interest from current events or trends and you will surely have followers.
In short blogging should never be for bloggers' sake alone.
The amount of time, energy and the cyber space spent should have some utility for the public as well.
Writing of blogs on technical aspects targeting selected viewers is totally a different thing.
Here writer shares his experience on a special subject but there also the ultimate aim should be to provide utilitarian service to the reader.
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