How To Make A Women Laugh

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Humor is the way to go

It does not really matter if you aren't the lady's man because of your appearance, financial status or simply because you are too shy. All is not lost. There are still ways to get into hearts and minds of beautiful women. We won't go over all of them, but the most powerful of them all is definitely humor.
If you are able to make a woman laugh at any time and place - it will be easier to get her attention and, after that, affection. Many men throw away thousands of dollars on reading books about relationships, going to seminars and dating multiple women; often men learn a great deal from these books, seminars, courses and meetings. But they all come to a simple conclusion - fancy approaching techniques, brand-new stylish clothing, profound language patterns, extraordinary pickup quotes, pheromone perfumes... None of them will ever work for you if you cannot make a woman laugh.
Because humor is the quickest way to attraction.
Even if you search the internet you'll find out that all the so called "dating experts" stress the importance of humor in a starting conversation.
Think about it: "Would you rather spend time with a person who is actually funny and makes you laugh hearty or someone who talks in a peculiar way but wears nice clothes? (Or both?)"
Scientific studies evidently show that during initial contact it is practically impossible to resist attraction of a person who has made you laugh genuinely for more than 5 times. Really, if you give it a thought, it actually makes a lot of sense. Basic human nature is to seek pleasure and avoid unpleasant situations. And what do people tend to do when they achieve the the pleasure they were craving for? - of course, smile or laugh. Laughter indicates pleasure, and humor is the tool for it.
Humor is a strong weapon when trying to conquer women, stronger than most men will ever know. It is too bad that most men will never get out of a state of "Average, Boring and Tedious". But you can be different - humorous, good looking and with an advantage over all the other men. They will be confused by how easy you talk to women.
Even women themselves admit that they would more likely fall for a man with a good sense of humor rather than a handsome but completely boring man. You can analyze the surveys in major female magazines, read about what women are searching for in a man of their dreams, or maybe go and search for proof elsewhere And yet you do not need all that to know that making a woman laugh is the shortest way to mutual attraction.
In fact, real statistical data shows that 82% of women do choose humor as one of the top characteristics they wish for their man to possess.

Why Making Women Laugh Is Important?

Many guys consider women's laughter to be just a confirmation that the a woman is enjoying their company. To them it's simply something nice to have, and they don't give it much weight. While in fact Laughter is the most significant thing that is happening, because it alone can make a woman fall in love with you. Your chances will grow with every sincere smile you produce. If you keep her laughing, it means you are "almost there". So if your goal is to win a woman's heart - you have to be able to make her laugh. Laughter is not just "nice to have". It's all you will need, really.
However not all guys can be funny and make a woman laugh every time. Honestly, being a comedian, making jokes 24/7 is not the best strategy either. There is a thin line between being funny and being annoying, you better not cross it, or it's all over.
No worries though. Any man can make a woman laugh and win her affection. You can practice this anytime and anywhere, start bringing joy and smiles to girls around you and things will never be the same again.
No more feeling nervous, uneasy or awkward. No more fear of rejection, desperate searches for things to talk about, worries about being thought of as dready and uninteresting, no matter what women you are dating
Picture yourself confidently approaching any woman, whether she is sporty, boring, average-looking, sexy, beautiful, intellectual or hot does not matter. All this is irrelevant, because if you can make a woman laugh then it will be hard to fail.
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