Learn to Carve Wood Like a Pro

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It takes more time than effort to learn to carve wood like a pro.
Wood carving is an enjoyable pastime that has been enjoyed by many people for centuries.
With a few simple tools, the right piece of wood, and time to develop your skill you can learn to carve wood.
A few of the basic tools are a sharp knife, several gouges in assorted sizes, a coping saw, and a sharpening kit.
A ruler and a carving clove also come in handy.
Gouges will be the tool you use most, invest in several quality ones in several different sizes.
Your sharpening kit should consist of a honing stone, leather strop, and ceramic slip stones for your gouges.
Next you will need to choose wood for your project.
White pine is an excellent wood to start with.
It is forgiving and does not fuzz as much as other woods when carved.
As you gain experience with wood carving you will move on to other woods.
When selecting wood, keep in mind the finished piece.
If it is to be left natural then choose woods that are visually appealing when only oiled or sealed.
Save the light colored woods for ones you will choose to paint.
Also, if the piece in going to be kept outdoors, oak stands up well to weathering.
In the beginning, use what is available to you and experiment when you get the chance.
There are patterns available for wood carving.
These can be good to introduce you to the different aspects of the art.
Eventually if you want to really hone your craft, you will need to design your own carvings.
You can draw your own patterns and transfer them to the wood by either gluing them on directly or using carbon paper.
Keep in mind wood carving is a skill, and it will take time to perfect your cuts and designs.
With a bit of patience and a touch of practice you will soon be carving wood with skill.
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