Mark Wahlberg's Workout For the Fighter

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To be able to play a boxer in a movie, you need to look the part. Mark Wahlberg, in his recent blockbuster The Fighter, certainly looks like a professional boxer. In this article I want to talk about the workout plan Mark Wahlberg followed in preparation for his role in The Fighter and share with you some of the things I learned from his routine.

In a world which cherishes fast results, it's impressive to learn that Wahlberg spent over 2 years getting ready for this part. It seems as if this was an important project for him, and I understand that he worked very hard to get everything right to make this movie a reality. The thing I learned from this fact is that it often takes time to get to a perfect body. While you can get certain results quickly, reaching optimal results requires patience and perserverance.

On to the Mark Wahlberg workout itself: According to what I read, Wahlberg began his workout with a warm up training with a jump rope (something which also helps you to improve your boxing skills as you need to move in the ring). Then, he proceeded to do 45 minutes of various boxing exercises, either alone, using a variety of boxing bags, or with sparring partners.

Anyone who's done boxing workouts know how intense they can become. You're always moving, shifting from toe to toe. Your entire body is in motion and you include explosive release of energy with each punch you throw at the bag or your partner. Naturally, for The Fighter, the boxing workouts Wahlberg did also served him in his acting and made the movie a lot more believeable. If you're looking for a workout that's fun to do and burns a ton of calories and fat, boxing is very recommended. Being able to complete 45 minutes of boxing workouts means that Wahlberg is in incredible shape.

After the boxing workout was completed, Wahlberg did a strength training session which consisted of a variety of super-sets with little rest in between sets. He performed the entire strength training session while wearing a weighted vest for added resistance.

What struck me most about the workout Mark Wahlberg did was that there was no regular cardio or targeted abs training at all. This just goes to show how you can burn body fat and get six pack abs by doing high intensity workouts and get a cardio" effect without having to do traditional cardio workouts. Combining sports and heavy resistance training seems to be a great way to a super looking body.
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