Recalls on the Wii Charge Station

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    The Alert

    • In August 2009, a consumer alert was issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regarding the Wii-mote controller and the battery recharging station for the controller. According to the alert, the battery recharging station is prone to overheating -- and in turn causes the Wii-mote to overheat. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states this overheating can cause burning of the hands and poses a fire hazard. The Wii-mote battery recharging stations are manufactured by Griffin International, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The Reports

    • According to the CPSC, a total of six reports have been filed regarding the overheating of the Wii-mote recharging stations. Of these six reports, two consumers complained they suffered minor burns. Due to this, Griffin International issued a recall of roughly 220,000 Wii-mote battery recharging stations in August 2009. The Psyclone Essentials and React four-dock battery recharging stations were among the recharging stations recalled. However, these recharging stations are not sold with the Nintendo Wii console, but rather sold separately. The Psyclone model number is PSE6501 and the React modeling number is RT530. The model numbers can be located on the bottom of both recharging stations.

    The Stations

    • Both the Psyclone Essentials and React four-dock battery recharging stations were produced in China. They were available for purchase at numerous retail stores, including Toys 'R' Us and Target, as well as online at Best Buy sold the React four-dock battery recharging stations between January 2008 and July 2009. The retail price was approximately $50, according to the Injury Board National News Desk.

    After The Fact

    • The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges all customers who have either the Psyclone Essentials recharging station or the React four-dock recharging station to immediately stop using them to avoid injury. Consumers who have either recharging station -- regardless if they have been injured by them or not -- can contact the manufacturer for a free replacement model. Consumers can contact the manufacturer either by phone at (888) 344-4702 or online at either or If you own either recharging station, it is illegal to attempt to resell them under United States federal law.

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