Why Writing Articles And Posting Them Online Is Something Every Marketer Should Do

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Writing articles is a quick and easy process, once you get used to the practice.
All it takes is a simple idea and a few supporting points.
Then you shape these details into sentences and paragraphs.
In the amount of time it takes to answer a few emails, you could have written and submitted another quality article for publishing online.
But why bother spending any time to freely share your helpful information with others? Article writing is essentially content marketing.
When you share useful information for a specific market, you attract those in that market to your written articles.
Each article becomes a marketing tool in itself - a powerful prospect magnet.
It's marketing by sharing your expertise, rather than by shouting out about your fabulous product.
When you think of your audience, which approach are they likely to prefer? Typically, an advertisement pushes a product or service.
But a well-written article pulls readers in its direction -- attracting interested, potential buyers who are drawn by the promise of your article's title.
Article (content) marketing is a different approach -- and one that can transform the results you experience.
I'm not saying advertising doesn't work or that you should avoid adding it into your marketing mix.
But for most online entrepreneurs, articles are far superior for several reasons, including: 1.
Articles cost nothing to write and post.
By sharing your content, you're building credibility, trust and your brand.
There's no limit to how many of these marketing tools you can deploy.
Some of your articles will get picked up by other publishers, spreading your marketing wings further.
You can continue to publish fresh, new content in the form of written articles day after day, establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.
Articles give you the kind of marketing power that advertising simply cannot.
Lower click-through rates on Pay-Per-Click Ads and Banners, plus increasing advertising fees, mean that it's time for every serious entrepreneur and business to take a good hard look at article marketing.
It's a proven way to increase traffic, build a prospect funnel, and generate sales and profits through sharing useful information in the form of online content.
Writing and submitting articles and getting them published is a great way to spread the word about what you have to offer others.
Here are 3 quick tips to get you started the right way, as you launch or re-launch your own article marketing campaign: 1.
Write about topics of interest to your audience.
Keep your articles short and to-the-point.
Give readers the information clearly and directly, without rambling.
Shoot for 400-500 words on average, with some shorter, as well as longer articles mixed in.
Use sub-heads, bullet points and numbered lists whenever possible.
These devices help break up the text, making it much more readable.
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