My Plug in Baby - Plug in Car Audio iPod Solutions

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Long ago, there was a time before the iPod where you could only listen to your music in your car from the radio, a CD and even - the cassette! Since then, times have luckily moved on.
We now can listen to our entire music collection from a small but handy device - the Mp3 player, which can be attached via an iPod solutions kit if you're not interested in forking out for a new stereo.
Once you get one of these nifty kits, you'll simply never be able to imagine how you could live without it! Most iPod solution kits are easy to fit in as all you have to do is plug them in.
You then attach your iPod to the kit - simple! There are a number of iPod Solution kits out there, which range from a basic connection kit to the more complex.
Currently, there are a few favorites on the market, which include the JBL DP 1EU and the Alpine EX-10.
The JBL DP 1EU iPod Solution kit works by connecting to your stereo through the FM transmitter or the audio output jack.
The stereo can be factory fitted or an aftermarket stereo as this kit will fit with any of them.
It also comes with a LCD screen that can show up to five lines of the iPod menu, so you can see exactly where you are scrolling.
Secondly, the screen is easily fixed to your dashboard allowing you to see the screen of your iPod right in front of you.
Don't worry about how you are going to scroll either as a remote-mount control know with 5 button navigation is included.
The Alpine EX-10 includes all of the above features, plus a few more handy accessories, including Bluetooth connection for handsfree operation.
Through this handy device, you can also access your phonebook, hear the caller through the speakers and the display shows the caller id.
It pretty much does the same as a car Bluetooth player - only at a smaller price and with no installation.
On the Alpine EX-10, the TFT screen can also show the album artwork and show 3 different viewing modes for iPod playback.
With its full speed connection and quick search, connecting to your music is very fast indeed.
It does include a remote as well, however, it is not as cool or usable as the JBL DP 1EU iPod solutions kit's one.
So plug in your baby (your iPod) without replacing your car stereo via an iPod solutions kit.
With an iPod solutions kit, you get all the gadgets that are included with most modern stereos without messing about with the installation process.
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