How to Paint Pre-Poured Basement Walls

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    • 1). Apply painter's tape to the ceiling bordering the top of the wall you will be painting. You may need to use a ladder to do this, so ask an assistant to hold the ladder for you. Apply painter's tape to the baseboards lining the bottom of the wall, as well.

    • 2). Spread a cloth tarp across the floor to protect it from splattered paint.

    • 3). Open, mix and pour the primer into a paint tray. Place the roller brush in the paint and roll it over the tray until the brush is completely covered in paint but is not dripping paint. You will want to use a primer made for use on concrete surfaces.

    • 4). Roll the primer onto the wall using a double "W" technique. To do this, roll what looks like a double "W" onto the wall using one stroke. Sweep over the double letter and fill in the spaces between the lines before you dip the roller back into the primer tray again. Repeat this process until the entire wall is covered in primer. Allow the primer to dry completely.

    • 5). Open, mix and pour the paint into a new paint tray. Dip the roller brush into the paint and repeat the double "W" technique on the wall until it is completely covered. Make sure you are using a matte-finish paint made for use on concrete.

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