Get Your Beats Heard On The Net The Way They Were Meant To Be Heard

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You put together your web site so you can upload your tracks and build your rep and now they sound so bad you ripped them all down.
That's the problem with the Internet.
You never know how something is going to sound until you get it up there.
There's no software 'standard' for guaranteeing that what you heard in the studio is what your soon-to-be fans are going to hear when they hit your home page.
You can deal with it or you can do something about it.
That "something" is called Beatnik and it's your best bet for making sure that what they hear is what you laid down.
Here's how it works...
The Beatnik Audio Engine (BAE) is a complete music synthesizer, sample player, FX processor, sample-rate converter, and stereo 64-voice mixer that plugs right into your Internet browser.
And it's serious at what it does.
The BAE gives you a complete software synth that's designed to playback your existing MIDI and RMF files, and let you create them as well.
And it does all of that while eliminating the problem of different listeners hearing your tracks played back in a lower quality.
The BAE produces a Rich Media File (RMF) that's capable of combining MIDI data as well as linear audio data in files formats like MP3, WAV, AIFF and AU.
This means that you can combine beats and tracks from any of these formats and put them up onto the Web using BAE's RMF format.
You need to be a bit of a techie to get the JavaScript portion of BAE installed onto your page, but there are sample files that pretty much plug-and-play.
An interesting development on the horizon is coming thanks to the fact that the Beatnik company just purchased Mixman, the company that produces Mixman Studio DL and other mixing tools for DJs.
I wonder what they have in mind?
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