Are You Having Trouble Finding Time To Play FrontierVille?

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FrontierVille is the latest social networking game from Zynga.
It just two weeks after it was introduced, it gained millions of users.
It has been more popular than any of their previous games and doesn't show any signs of slowing down in popularity.
In FrontierVille, you are a pioneer with a small plot of land.
You have to build buildings, clean the land, plant food, and tend animals.
All of these actions take one unit of energy.
You regain one unit of energy every five minutes, so as you can imagine, energy is precious.
You can also gain an energy point by visiting neighbors or buying it with horseshoes.
Horseshoes are FrontierVille's currency and can be bought with real money.
You are limited on how much energy you can accumulate by your level on the game.
When you first begin, you can only have less than twenty units of energy.
This means it can take a long time to regain energy and it can also mean that you are losing valuable time when your energy is full.
So far, the only way to maximize your energy use is by playing all day long.
Since trees grow and take more energy to chop down every day and grass and debris grows every day, if you don't play every day your homestead will quickly be overtaken by grass, thorns, and trees.
You will waste all of your energy clearing the land and not have energy left for tending to your plants and animals.
Logging into Facebook and FrontierVille isn't always possible.
Many employers block social networking sites and specifically Facebook.
You could be reprimanded at work or fired for playing FrontierVille.
If you can't log in all day, you can't have any success, so playing the game will be next to impossible.
Now, thanks to the FrontierVille Guide I am about to introduce you to, you can learn how to still play and not be a slave to your computer.
You can learn how to maximize your energy, double your coins, and put your FrontierVille neighbors to work for you.
No longer will you have to hide your FrontierVille addiction from your boss or friends.
You can still play, and progress in the game, without sacrificing all of your free time.
All you have to do is visit- FrontierVilleStrategyGuide.
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