How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine Model Number 6215

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    Threading the Bobbin

    • 1). Look at the diagram of the sewing machine in the manual (see References) to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the sewing machine. Refer back to this manual if you are unsure about the names of parts of the sewing machine. Use the presser foot lever to raise the presser foot.

    • 2). Turn the hand wheel in an counterclockwise direction until the needle is at its highest point.

    • 3). Pull the throat plate open. Draw a small length of thread from the new bobbin case. Insert the bobbin while still holding on to the thread. Place this thread through the first notch of the bobbin case; pull it down to the left and through notch number two.

    • 4). Pull the thread across the bobbin and push the throat plate closed. The thread should still be visible.

    Threading the Machine

    • 1). Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise. This raises the take-up lever to its highest point. Use the presser foot lever to raise the presser foot and release any tension there may be on the thread.

    • 2). Put the spool of thread on the spool pin. Remember to place the spool cap over the end of the spool to keep your thread in good order.

    • 3). Draw the thread from the spool and place it into the thread guide. Thread down and around through the tension discs. Pull the thread gently into the thread guard while holding on to the spool of thread.

    • 4). Thread through the take-up lever, then the two thread guides. Check that you have completed each stage correctly.

    • 5). Place the thread through the front eye of the needle. Thread from the side closest to you to the back of the sewing machine. Pull a length of thread through the needle and place it to the back of the sewing machine.

    Joining the Bobbin and Spool Thread

    • 1). Hold on gently to the length of thread pulled through the needle. This prevents the thread from pulling back through the needle in the next stage.

    • 2). Move the hand wheel counterclockwise until the needle has dipped into the metal plate and come out again. Pull lightly on the thread from the needle. This draws the bobbin thread up in a loop. Pull out to find the end of the bobbin thread.

    • 3). Place both the needle thread and the bobbin thread under the path of the presser foot to the back of the sewing machine. Your machine is now threaded.

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