Potential of Vietnamese Game Mobile

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With 110 million mobile subscribers, but the market for mobile games in Vietnam is still in potential form. What makes mobile gaming business today is not really development?
Lower revenue sharing

The development of the sector of digital content on mobile phones has been hampered by the rate of revenue sharing that operators impose on businesses to provide content services (CP & SP-Content Provider / Content Service Provider) . Game Mobile is no exception. With the rate received from the network ranges from 45-55%, the enterprise business game only "to negotiate" to get the game instead of venturing to invest in production, development of pure Vietnamese game.

The negotiation process also occurs in the direction "is reasonable or not to" because CP & SP in water usually do not make plans for "pay hard fixed" to the talks that focused on the plan to divide the revenue to reduce risk. On the other hand, the cooperation with the CP & SP in the country, the foreign partner by default become the third parties affected by the distribution of revenue above mentioned, so they are not too "salty" Vietnam market.
To remove obstacles, some CP & SP has chosen solution is to build payment channel independently, to escape the domination of the network, and create community loyal customer after customer used the service. Accordingly, players are encouraged to open accounts on the payment system by the CP & SP creates, then, to play or download mobile game, players only need to deposit into the accounts and conduct payment from the financial provision, rather than paying by SMS or online payment to be debited charging directly in the telecommunication network account. Game port mobiplay.vn payment system using virtual currency Vcoin of VTC, the advantage of a client file that VTC has created 5-6 years, on the other hand, offers users a new way of payment, level to 30% cost reduction for users.
Game Temple widespread
Mobile game popular in Vietnam as the Java Game. Since the cracking Java is relatively easy game, so the temple has the same game play, the same category but not copyrighted, which are widely available online, especially on forums such as tinhte. vn, ddtn.com, vozforums.com. This, on one hand a direct effect to the revenue of the business sector, on one hand while lowering the prestige of Vietnam's market in the eyes of the foreign supplier game. Solve this problem, the CP & SP are trying to create a strong brand, specialized mobile games by different ways to create prestigious address for gamers. For example, upro.vn for Viettel subscribers, mgame.vn for MobiFone, Mobiplay.vn unlimited subscription and focuses on the professional player mobile game.
3G: expensive but slow
Although the trend "smart phone" of going fast, but the number of low-life mobile phones remain popular in Vietnam, with more than 95% occupancy rate. On the other hand, although the 3G network was provided almost 2 years now, but the quality and stability of transmission in different areas has yet to convince users, especially those online gamers. These things affect your ability to provide the CP & SP game, especially game-quality graphics and or, the community game with online play. However, the CP & SP also has important test of the trend "online" mobile game, which can reach the emerging game "Farm fun" or "Lord of the Rings".
These difficulties have somewhat hindered the development of the mobile gaming industry in Vietnam. However, the future is still in front, let's wait and see.
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