Is it really worth to jailbreak ps3?

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The million dollar question that faces the gaming community is whether it is really worth it to jailbreak ps3? There are numerous pros and cons of jailbreaking ps3. So after presenting both sides of the coin it is best to let the gaming community decide the end result. Some years ago people were going crazy over how to jailbreak ps3? But now the solution is in hand so better to decide the direction before jumping into it.

The hacking of game consoles has been going on for many years and can be considered the primary reason for the spreading of the gaming culture resulting in a multimillion dollar gaming industry. The interest of gaming has increased by leaps and bounds and now is not restricted to boundaries or communities. After Sony launched the ps3 game console hackers tried their best to hack it but they were not successful until a few years ago a group of hackers found a chink in the armour of the ps3 game console. It took a lot more time to hack the ps3 than that of the Microsoft launched next generation game console.

Now coming to the pros of jailbreaking ps3 we find a number of reasons why it has become so popular among the gaming fraternity. The main reason behind jailbreak ps3 is the ability to install the cracked application in ones local machine. The cracked games also give the option of backing up in the hard drive of the local machine thus preventing game loss due to missing disc. So basically disc is not required to play the games if it is once stored in the hard disc. This is one of the biggest advantages why people are in favour of jailbreak ps3. Second major important positive angle is it saves a huge amount of money. As console games are not at all cheap so once jailbreak is done it is just a matter of finding the games from the internet and saving in the hard drive. Lastly many home brewed games are available which needs console to play but with the availability of jailbreak ps3 one can easily play them as well.

Now it is time we look at the cons of jailbreak ps3. First and the most important cons of jailbreak ps3 is it will become void of any warranty as the firmware gets modified. It is a big gamble that one has to take. Second major disadvantage is the loss of PSN access. As PSN access is denied so no updates for the system will be available and hence automatic fixing of certain bugs will not be possible. Thirdly the option of multiplayer gaming online is also not available. So the experience of gaming with online friends is not possible. If any option is found in future to get around this problem then also there is a big risk of getting banned. So basically the decision has to be left to the gamers to decide for themselves after looking at all the pros and cons.

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