Want to Get Ahead in Life? Learn to Dance With Crazy Bob

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Bob stands for Boss Of Bosses or Ultimate Reality.
Ultimate Reality is not what you want it to be, or what it should be, but what is - whatever is happening this very moment before your eyes.
Whether your kids failed or succeeded in their exams is a reality, a manifestation of Bob.
Whether the stocks are up or down, the wind going your direction on the pavement or against you, is a REALITY - or Bob manifesting itself.
To get ahead in life you will need to dance with Bob.
Or get stepped all over by Bob's hefty feet.
You encounter Bob every day.
Here is an example.
You have a frightfully important meeting with a major client.
It is now three-thirty in the afternoon and your client had promised to be there at three sharp.
The absence of your client is a manifestation of Bob.
It is a reality you are experiencing - what is.
But since one has never been taught how to handle or even recognize the presence of Bob, one gets crushed by Bob's big feet when it appears! This same scenario could happen with someone other than a client - a friend, a colleague, or a loved one who fails to turn up at a rendezvous.
Most people are upset when someone does not appear at a planned meeting.
They feel disappointed or downright angry at being stood up.
Yet these emotions can be detrimental.
If people feel so, it is because they have never been trained to observe Bob's movements - a manifestation of what is.
You lose your wallet.
Well, that's Bob.
If you are upset, then Bob has stepped on you because you do not understand the concept of Ultimate Reality.
If you did, then you would have better control over your emotional state.
Here is another example.
You are speeding down a deserted country road at midnight.
All of a sudden, a deer springs from nowhere and crosses your path.
You collide and end up in a ditch with broken ribs.
The deer is Bob.
To the badly injured deer, you are Bob.
So is the car.
There is nothing you can do but dance with Bob to avoid being crushed.
Since Bob is big and sudden, you must be nimble enough to adapt to its movement.
And Bob is a crazy dancer.
You might start to do the waltz, and then, with no warning, Bob might change to hip hop or the tango.
You may realize the true craziness of Bob when you are given a beautiful gift, and, a second later, you receive a big whack on the head, and you wonder, "Why? Did I deserve this?".
Or perhaps you are struck on the head first and given the gift later...
Have you ever lost something or someone dear to you? Or helped a friend, only to be rewarded with ingratitude? How do you dance with Big Bad Bob? Bob can appear to be negative or positive when it manifests itself.
You could be winning instead of losing, and you would still have to face Bob.
Some lottery winners are spiked with suspicions when long-lost relatives start appearing, seemingly from nowhere.
Distrust and confusion set in as a result of what is.
Again, it's Ultimate Reality, or Bob, knocking on the door.
To control your emotions when you have lost something or someone, you have to accept what is - not what you want it to be, or what you think it should be.
The first step is observing, with detachment, the reality unfolding before your eyes.
Does this mean you should be a fatalist? Not at all.
Although what unfolds before you is reality,you can choose how you react to it by changing your perception.
If you lose your job, you may say to yourself, "Look, I've just been fired.
But it's no big deal.
I will now look forward to nabbing the next big job round the corner!" By not reacting negatively to a loss, you not only learn to control your emotions but also manage to counter the loss.
That's dancing with Bob! That's never allowing its big feet to step on yours, by adapting and changing your perception to match reality.
I would also like to remind you that Bob's agents are sneaky.
Death could creep up on you today, tomorrow, or in 50 years.
There are countless ways to remove your physical vehicle: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, even banana skins.
So while you are still alive and wishing to get ahead in life, spend a few minutes a day to appreciate what you have and what you can do with what you have.
This too, is a REALITY we tend to forget.
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