How to Know if a Girl Is Tricking You or Lying

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  • 1). Determine whether she is avoiding your questions. If you ask a girl clear questions and she has difficulty providing you with straight responses, it may be a sign of deceit, especially if she does not typically behave in this manner. If you ask her, "Were you at the park last night?," she may respond with something vague like, "Maybe. I really don't remember."

  • 2). Notice if she returns questions to you. If you ask the girl something, she may try to "buy" time to think of a lie by returning it straight back to you. If you ask her if she was on a date last night, she may come back to you with something like, "What exactly is your definition of a 'date'?"

  • 3). Observe her body language. In many cases, body language says it all when it comes to falsehoods and trickery. Pay attention to everything from her eye contact to whether she is fidgeting. When someone is lying and therefore uncomfortable, she may blink excessively and look away a lot. Other signs of possibly deceptive body language include obstructing the mouth, smiling a lot (to conceal true emotions), pursed lips, anxious hand motions, rubbing the nose, moving around a lot and toying with random items in the vicinity, including pencils, notebooks and cellular phones. You may also notice a liar sweating a lot more than normally, no matter the weather.

  • 4). Listen to the girl's voice. When a person lies, she may feel awkward, which often results in changes in voice and speaking style. Some examples include frequent grammar errors, faster or slower speech, higher pitch, stuttering, stammering, talking in broken sentences and voice cracks.

  • 5). Ask yourself if the girl is making a lot of justifications as she speaks. When a girl lies and feels defensive, she may try to protect herself by justifying her statements. After she makes these justifications, she may pause and closely analyze how you react to ensure that you believe her story.

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