Getting Rid of Your Junk Car, Truck or Automobile

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I remember years ago when I wanted to get rid of an older junk automobile that I owned, it cost me $50.00 and I had to bring the car to the junk yard myself. Things have certainly changed for the better now that people are more conscience of recycling.

At Universal Recycling & Scrap Iron you can either drive your old vehicle into the scrap yard or call at 1-877-SCRAP-80. Towing is often free, in certain cases within 20 miles of the facility. URSI pays anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for your scrap vehicle. Currently they are paying $8.00 for every 100 lbs. that your vehicle weighs, and they pay you in cash.

So what do you need in order to scrap your vehicle: First and foremost you will need the title to the vehicle reflecting your name as the titled owner, as well as your driver's license or other government issued picture identification.

Upon arrival, your vehicle is weighed on our drive on €big scale€ which has a digital read out for you to see the weight of your vehicle. Once weighed, you are instructed on where to park the vehicle and also reminded to collect any remaining personal belongings including license plates, EZ Pass, etc.

While you are turning in the title, getting set up with a customer number and being paid, your vehicle is undergoing an evaluation process. Our experienced staff reviews all aspects of the vehicle to determine whether it is saved and €parted out€ for sale of used auto parts or is simply scrap metal.

Once the determination is made all vehicles are brought to our €Detox€ area. The vehicle is hoisted up so fluids, including but not limited to; gasoline, transmission fluid, oil and anti-freeze can be drained and properly recycled.

The fluids for recycling are stored in 55 gallon drums and picked up every week by a local waste fluid recycling company. Often, the gasoline and waste oils are brought to refineries where they are recycled to make new, usable engine oils and gasoline.

Once completely drained and vehicle was determined be scrapped, the engine, battery, radiator, tires and catalytic converter are removed for further recycling. After the car is completely stripped it is loaded into a trailer and shipped to a mill for scrap metal recycling.

Once completely drained and vehicle was determined to be €parted out€, it is brought over to our inventory area where the car receives an identification number and all of the sale-able parts are entered into our inventory system for fast and efficient locating.

So when junking your vehicle, keep us in mind and bring it to us or call us at Universal Recycling & Scrap Iron Corp., where we take all measures in recycling your vehicle in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Universal Recycling Group
23 Double Trouble Road
Bayville, NJ 08721
Phone: 732.349.0112
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