Steps to Resolve Your Inner Conflict About Money

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Do you feel there is something in the way of earning a living from using your talents? Some of my clients struggle with making money based on doing what they call "God's work".
There is this conflicting feeling among many people doing spiritual and healing work that they shouldn't make money this way or that they should give this work away.
Or, perhaps you've been doing all the mindset work, thinking "I want money, I want clients, I want money, I want clients...
" but it's not coming to you.
And you are not generating the income you want and need to cover your expenses and live well.
If you're not taking action or getting the results you want, my advice is that you have to go inside and look at what is the sabotaging culprit.
It's time to look at your beliefs and fears.
The first step is to write down all the beliefs you have around money.
Here is the problem: Everyone is doing God's work.
I do God's work through marketing.
If you don't make money, you don't charge or accept money for the very important spiritual work that people have a great need for, you won't be able to continue offering it.
You'll have to go get a job and work for someone else.
This is why it's absolutely crucial you charge for your work and charge well for it.
Let me give you a great book recommendation.
Don't get rattled by the magnitude of the title if you're just starting out.
It's called The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.
Harv Eker.
He explains all the stuff underneath the surface to help you get clear on your beliefs around money that can be holding you back.
When you have this type of inner conflict about money where you are more comfortable doing the work for free, you have what is called a chaotic vibration.
On the conscious level you say you want money, but on the subconscious level you feel better doing the work for free and not getting paid.
And the trouble is, the subconscious mind will win every time because it's tied to your fears and beliefs.
Your Client Attraction Assignment: If you struggle with making money from the work you do, it's time to do the excavating work.
Sit down and get in touch with your fears and beliefs about money to get clear on what is holding you back.
Then you can do the work to release these and get your subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious mind to open the flow for making money.
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