How to Remove the Kingpins in a Ford Truck

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    • 1). Park the vehicle in an open area, providing room to maneuver. Use the jack to lift the truck. Secure the truck with the jack stands.

    • 2). Remove the tires and wheels with a tire iron.

    • 3). Clamp the rubber brake line. The brake-line clamp should close the brake's connection with the steel hardline. Use a line wrench to disconnect the brake caliper and the brake leading.

    • 4). Remove dust caps on the top and bottom of the kingpin. As mentioned earlier, the kingpin is steel and located between the I-beam and the steering knuckle. Grab a 3/8-inch ratchet and remove the locking bolt from the socket on the side of the kingpin.

    • 5). Line up the drift on the kingpin. Use a brass or soft hammer to apply blunt force to the drift in order to pop out the kingpin. Repeat hammering. Some kingpins will be difficult to remove if there is rust or lack of grease.

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