Free Dog Games That Test Your Skills

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Each one offers something different, and with I Lost My Puppy!, that difference maker is in the quickness it requires from your eyes and brain. I Lost My Puppy! is one of those free dog games that requires you to be observant and quick on your feet, or fingers as the case may be. The objective is for you to use your pet detective skills in tracking down a variety of lost puppies. It is sweet, innocent fun for kids of all ages, and a very easy-to-learn, fast-paced game for those of you looking for a good office time waster.

Simplistic game play is essential in helping you meet the objective of the game. And unlike most free dog games, this one operates entirely from your mouse instead of your keyboard. This is a good thing when it comes to quickly negotiating the 20 second intervals that you are given to find the correct puppy, but it can be a little more difficult for cubicle dwellers used to the Alt Tab function, which quickly gets you out of the game without giving away your position to nosy passers by. To play, just click on the right dog based on the picture you have been given. If you forgot what the puppy looked like, consult your photo (by clicking on it). However, this will eat away at your already small amount of time that you have to work.

Graphics are very stripped down. You can tell not a lot of work went into this aspect of the game, but it does not really work against it either. After all, it is more a matter of how observant you are, and in that respect, the graphics work perfectly for the needs of the game. The real variance comes with the selection of dogs there are to choose from. And while the bright green field that you are having to pluck the correct dog out of never really changes, the styles of dog do, which plays more into the challenge offered than anything else.

The game is a deceptively challenging game, considering it is so easy to play. You look at the photo, and you try to pick out the right dog in a doggie police lineup of sorts. But get ready because some of the dogs you have to choose from look quite a bit like the one in the picture with a few small exceptions. Maybe the nose is not quite as big, or the eyes are a little less beady. It is up to you to find these differences and choose correctly in 20 seconds.

This flash dog from Agame is a fun and challenging game that does not eat up too much of your time. This makes it the perfect choice for your office gaming needs. It is also one of the best of the free dog games available online. It is up to you to return the dogs home where they belong. The owners are counting on you!
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