Video Business Marketing is For Every Business

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The cost of video production has come down dramatically.
Just as dramatic is the improvement of desktop videos.
Desktop video producers are the latest hotbed Hollywood is seeking to draw talent from.
The amount of amateur videos being placed on the web is staggering, while the number of people watching is growing also.
Sadly, businesses have been very slow in utilizing video for marketing.
The reasons businesses have been slow to fully embrace video marketing are many.
One reason is the still lagging perception that video is expensive.
Another reason may be that businesses feel a bit burned by technology.
Many businesses have invested money in technology and web sites, yet seen little return for the investment.
Couple that with the perception that video is expensive many businesses may choose to not join the video revolution.
However, smart businesses know that video is cheaper and easier than ever.
Video software packages are prolific, interfaces are standardized, and cameras are accessible (cheap enough) by nearly everyone.
Oddly, the amateur market has taken to video production evidenced by the popularity of YouTube.
The good news for business is the market is still open for businesses that wish to use the power of video marketing.
More good news is that there are two ways to take advantage of videos for business.
The first is simply put it on the web.
Post it on YouTube and other video aggregators, then take the embed code and post it on your web site.
This has the advantage of speaking to your current customers and hot prospects on your web site.
It also is a lead generator on YouTube.
The other way to use video is old school, put it on television.
It would be simple enough to make your own commercial.
In the past thirty years the number of television channels has exploded on cable and local independents.
It should be simple enough between local overnight spots and cable spots to find thirty seconds for five to ten dollars each.
Develop a budget and start airing the commercials.
The best use of video business marketing is to do both.
Use your commercial on television and the web.
A master of this is Towbin Dodge, a car dealership in Las Vegas.
They air a regular, comic thirty minute commercial on a local station and then put it on the web.
This has the advantage of capturing the local viewing audience and attracting customers who may not be sitting at the television at the time of the airing.
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