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One of the ways to start setting up online is to create a blog. With contents to fill it out that are of good quality and are highly relevant for most people, a blog can make wonders for newbies. However, creating blogs also entail creating blog themes or blog designs. Although creating a blog is not as effective as creating a website, there are many ways in order to create blog theme that will make blog look like a website. If you are knowledgeable about WordPress, then do not just rely on its pre-built content management framework. Here are some tips that can make your Wordpress blog design [http://www.youreasywebsolutions.com/] a website at a glance.

Make Something Out of The Sidebar
Making Wordpress blog design will enable you to make something through the sidebar. The sidebar has default titles that include blogroll, categories, and archives. By editing sidebar.php, you can modify these names as well as choose what sections to be shown.

Make Use of Decategorizer
When customizing the blog's url, the word "category" cannot be erased. This unnecessary word can sometimes ruin the beauty of the overall blog design. However, this need not be a source of hassle. Through decategorizer, the word "category" will be removed from the WordPress urls. This helps make the blog look less like a blog. But it is important to note that Decategorizer requires Redirection plug in to make it work properly.

Do Away from Inserting Comments
The number one indicator of blog is the post comment section displayed at the bottom of the web page. In order to achieve a blog less sight, it is recommended that you do away with this section. But if you like to read testimonials from net users, you must customize post comment section.

Call Your WordPress Blog A Website
Making a WordPress blog design might lead you to treating your work of art a blog. Indeed, it is a blog. But, in order to stick with your goal, do not call it blog. Instead, call it a website. Sooner, it will earn a respect that people usually pay to website.

These are just a few tips in having WordPress blog design that looks like a true website. Although this can be fun, it is better that you level up your talent. Make a website yourself after you have a blog that will lead people to your site in order to increase your chances of success.

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