Wild Cherry Identification

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    • Shade-intolerant pin cherry trees primarily grow in areas where fire or clearcutting occurred. Black cherry trees are found in 37 states, but rarely in the western part of the United States. Chokecherry grows all over the United States and in Canada, but not in the northern boreal forests.


    • Bright red pin cherries mature in August and September. Black cherries consist of drooping clusters of red fruits that ripen into black cherries in late summer. Chokecherries ripen in thick dark purple to black clusters in late August.


    • Pin cherry grows up to 30 feet in height with red, shiny twigs and narrow to oval-shaped leaves that taper to a long point at the tip. Black cherry trees feature reddish-black bark and leathery-looking leaves with fine teeth along the edges. Chokecherry is a large shrub or small tree with dull green foliage.

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