Video: How to Cut Out the Background in Photoshop CS6

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Video Transcript

Hey, my name is Zach, and I wanted to show you how to cut the background out of an image in Photoshop. So here I am in Photoshop and I have me with a background behind me. What I'm going to do is go to the quick selection tool and as you can see I've already selected all the way around myself. But I'm going to hit control D and do it again so you can see how it's done. So go back to the quick selection tool and you can use your bracket keys, your right one makes it larger. So, we'll just go ahead and start painting in and you can notice it went onto my head here. We'll use the left bracket key and make it smaller and hit alt and you'll see a minus symbol come up and all you have to do is click to get that to be removed and just keep going down the image and it's still grabbing onto me so I'll hit alt and just click around my body. Now you can keep going and just click until your body is completely surrounded. Now we can make it smaller again and with the left bracket key and just select here. Now to cut out this background we'll hit control X and now I'm on a transparent background. Now you can put me really wherever you want. My name is Zach and I just showed you how to cut out the background in Photoshop. Thanks for watching.
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