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Your dream of starting an internet home based business is finally coming true.
You have a plan to get a website established and hosted.
You have a monetization model in place (affiliate marketing, promoting your own product, or becoming an info-preneur).
Your dream of firing your boss is within your grasp! Now how do you do it without going broke? Answer: Money Management.
You need to keep tabs on any fees you may be paying for particular services.
Follow this easy recommendation to work from home without going broke.
Budget You need to set up a monthly allowance for your internet home business.
If you are just starting out you will be operating in the red for the first couple of months.
But determine your shade of red before paying for services.
You may have a tolerance for a nice deep scarlet and have deeper pockets to pay for services before your business is returning a profit.
Or maybe your shade of red is more like a pink.
Where your out of pocket expenses are limited to hosting fees and an ISP connection.
Or maybe you are somewhere in between.
Wherever you are, just be sure you do not put yourself in a bad position early on in your internet business venture.
So keep track of where your dollars are going and do not put your home business in a financial bind before getting off the ground.
Determine how much money you can use to get your business up and running and begin an advertising campaign that will not place you in a financial bind.
So where is the right place to be? Well I recommend that you develop your budget to sustain you for a period of 1 year.
What that means is if you have say $100.
00 to get your business up and running and you know you can spare an additional $75.
00/month $35.
00 hosting and $40.
00 advertising (these numbers are just examples).
You should be prepared to continue this $75.
00 outlay for 12 months for a total of $900.
Now you are probably thinking "man you're nuts I can't afford to put aside 900 bucks for my business right now".
No maybe you can't and you don't have to.
Remember this is the total of what you will put out of pocket for business expenses over the course of the year.
Now maybe you can only afford an outlay of $40.
00/ month for advertising and hosting.
That's just fine.
Or maybe you can put out $500.
That's fine too.
Whatever your number is just be prepared to stick to it for at least one year.
You can always adjust this number up or down depending upon how quickly your website starts to turn a profit.
If you can only afford to put out $75.
00 for the first 2 months you need to adjust that number and find out what you can set aside for a period of 1 year.
I say this because if you put all of your advertising dollars into the first quarter of your business you will have nothing left to keep the effort going.
You will no doubt become discouraged and eventually drop your business all together.
I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU! So please set yourself up on a Home Business Money Management schedule for long term success.
Please bear in mind I am not a financial expert.
I do not have a professional degree in finances.
I do not work in the financial products industry.
In other words, you are using this information at your own risk.
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