How to Create a Full Casket Blanket

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    • 1). Put some water in the bucket. The water should be at room temperature.

    • 2). Soak the fresh flower foam in the water. Leave the foam in the water for about an hour. Fresh flower foam has to be soaked before use. A single fresh flower foam block is adequate if you intend to make a compact casket blanket. If you're using flowers with large stalks, use two fresh flower foam blocks.

    • 3). Put the soaked fresh flower foam in the casket saddle. Use the water-resistant adhesive tape to secure the foam in the saddle.

    • 4
      Cut greenery with garden shears.Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images

      Cut some greenery using the shears and push them into the back, sides and bottom of the fresh flower foam.

    • 5
      Cut flower stems at an angle to help flowers stay fresh longer.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Cut some of the fresh flowers. The stems should be cut at an angle to allow more water to seep into the flowers. The flowers will remain fresh for longer if they are able to draw more water.

    • 6). Insert the fresh flowers into the foam. Place the flowers at the center and bottom of the foam. Fill in the spaces that are left in the arrangement using some greenery. The foam shouldn't be visible when you insert all of the flowers. Large blossoms should be placed at the center. Create a consistent look in your arrangement by using odd-number displays of the large blossoms.

    • 7). Place the lace or ribbon in the middle of your full casket blanket. Write a message on the ribbon or lace.

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