The Black Plastic Sheeting Or Metal and Concrete?

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Given that plasticis not a biodegradable material and too much use of it usually leads to more pollution in our environment, but black plastic sheeting is just one of the many examples how plastic really proves its worth.
It is not a fact all people are aware of, but concrete is just as reliable as plastic, given that it also gives out quite a lot of heat when setting and the amount required constructing structures means that in a sense concrete is quite a competition for plastic once we begin to use plastic with caution.
The only reason people do not make such hype about concrete is because when people use concrete, they do not throw it away so lightly, often even reusing the concrete for other construction sites.
But the question is, why do people not use plastic the same way, it is an extremely nonreactive material that when used wisely can do wonders.
Take the plastic sheeting for instance.
Black plastic sheeting is already in use with the helmets you already use and when you want a temporary camping space when you go out on a camping trip, you definitely do not take a bag of cement and a lot of aggregate along with you.
Besides being highly nonreactive, plastic is also known for its high elasticity as a material.
You can easily mold plastic to any form you like even at your home.
It does not require temperatures as high as metal would require, and it is infinitesimally easy to work with.
Slowly and still steadily, plastic is becoming an important commodity in most countries.
And for those people who are prejudiced by plastic because of the amount of time it takes to naturally degrade and the damage it does to the sea life when thrown thus.
Plastic is already being used in some parts of the country to make bricks.
Given the kind of usage plastic is put to because of its high elasticity, the light plastic bags and coke bottles are exactly what come to most minds.
Of course these are the most common things currently in our environment, but even these can be recycled.
Quite a lot of countries are recycling this scrap plastic to form bricks for their sidewalks.
All these bricks need is a lot of plastic junk; a molding procedure and some heat o become probably the most reliable and very cheap bricks to ever grace the sidewalks.
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