Nexus Guide - Why the PvE Bible is Your Best Nexus Guide Choice

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The Nexus is a beginning level instance that can give you some of the gear and experience you need for the challenges you'll face in future raids and instances.
While the Nexus is a relatively easy instance, it is still a challenge for the level 71 to level 73 players who should be exploring it.
I had no idea how to attack this place at first.
But that's all changed.
I now know exactly what I my raiding party needs to do to own the Nexus.
And I didn't have to spend hours in the instance or cornering more experienced gamers at a conference to find out.
Want to know my secret? My secret is a detailed Nexus guide from T Dub Sanders, the famous WoW game guide developer.
He reveals all his secrets of Nexus dominance in the PvE Bible, his excellent raid and instance guide.
We're talking 334 pages of detailed information here, including a detailed Nexus strategy guide.
The Nexus guide section of the PvE Bible provide detailed information for dealing with this instance and the four bosses lurking within it.
Beyond that, it lists all the quests, and loot, and mobs you'll face before you're done with the instance.
Think how much easier this information will make your next visit to the Nexus! Note: You need to take care to follow the guide's advice fully.
This will let you avoid nasty surprises (like Grand Magus Telestra's clones) and show you what you need to do if you want to even reach the captive dragon Keristrasza, who is this instance's final boss.
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