Prayer - What it is All About

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Prayer is all about: Your Relationship with God Whenever you go into prayer, you are making a statement to God, yourself and others, that you are in a relationship with him.
Preferably, it is a relationship that is proper.
When you practice prayer, you are saying that you are related to him in one way or another.
It's like how you are related to your parents and you talk with them.
Your Communion with God Unfortunately when you think prayer, the one thing that comes on top is about asking for what we want.
Sure that is part of it but that is not the core issue.
In prayer, you relate with God, you commune with him at the deepest levels available to a person.
It is not just about saying some words.
It is about being vulnerable in His presence.
Your Two Way Street Prayer is not just you listing what you want or don't want.
In prayer, you talk with God.
He talks with you.
There is active listening involved.
It is a two way street.
When we study the prayers that are recorded in the Bible, we find that there was evidence of a 'conversation' so to speak.
Take the one instance where Jesus spent the whole night in prayer and came down the following morning and chose his disciples.
It is likely that God guided him on who to pick.
Results When you pray, you expect results.
You expect answers from the one you are praying to.
Here is where most Christians find problems and yet this is what makes prayer exciting.
Perhaps you have been praying for something or someone and you do not see the results of your prayers.
Yet when you talk to others, they seem to have their prayers answered within a short time.
The thing is God answers prayer.
Sometimes the answers come when we don't expect them, some time they are late, according to us anyway.
Sometime they answers are not in a way we expected.
The fact is that God answers prayer.
There are results in prayer.
The Bible has recorded a lot of these answers and Christians all over the world testify about God answering their prayers.
So what is prayer all about? Well, what I have listed here and a lot more things.
The important thing to keep in mind is that prayer is very dependent on the nature of your relationship with God and he does answer prayer.
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