Canadian Icewine - The Perfect Companion For Wedding Toasts

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"I would not wish any companion in the world butyou.
The Tempest - Act 3, Scene 1 William Shakespeare It takes great patience, planning and dedication to make every wedding detail special and create a lasting impression.
Deciding on ways to create an impact for "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" can personalize the occasion and maintain the "heart" of the matter when the logistics can be overwhelming.
Planning the wedding toast is one detail that can help a couple stay in their heart and remember the love they have for each other.
With today's weddings, an MC or best man may make the first toast to the bride and groom, and they often respond by toasting each other, their friends, families and guests.
Finding the right words that ring true for you can take some research.
Use the internet to find quotes from your favourite writers or songs and play with them to create a unique message.
Keep the toast simple with heart felt words and/or humor: "I have known many, liked many, but have chosen to truly love only one.
This is my toast to you.
" "As sweet as this wine you are, as complex as this wine you are and as long lasting as its history, may our marriage be.
" "It is written: when children find true love, parents find true joy.
Here's to your joy and ours, from this day forward.
" "Here's to the groom, may he keep his head, though he has clearly given away his heart.
" "Here's to the bride and the one place your husband can touch to always drive you crazy.
Your heart.
" Deciding on how you want to deliver your toast can be somewhat daunting.
Do you want to speak the words or be more adventurous and sing, show a video or dedicate a dance to everyone? Plan your order for toasting and remind everyone to keep their speeches under 5 minutes.
You want to be sure that everyone raises their glass in unison to honour the wedding hosts.
Let your guests know the order, the timing and when they will be asked to lift up their glass.
Give some thought to what you will make the wedding toast with.
In Canada, a new tradition began in the early 1990's to use Icewine to celebrate special occasions and become the symbol of our "toast to the land".
The long, slow flavour delivery and crisp lingering taste of Icewine gives it a more enduring impression than champagne and provides a delectable "dance of flavours" that are memorable.
Like a good marriage, Icewine is rich, sweet, complex and provides a long lasting sensory experience.
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