The Performance of the Ford 300 Engine

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    1973 to 1974

    • Ford's 300-cubic inch engine that was produced during these years was capable of producing 101 horsepower when it was operating at 3,000 revolutions per minute. The peak torque rating was 223 foot-pounds when operating at 1,600 rpm.

    1975 to 1977

    • The Ford 300 had its horsepower bumped up to 120 when operating at 3,400 rpm for these production years. The peak torque rating remained at 223 foot-pounds when at 1,600 rpm.

    1994 to 1996

    • The Ford 300s produced during these two years would be the last. The 300s from these years had a torque capability of 260 foot-pounds when at a speed of 2,000 rpm. The peak power capability was 150 hp at a speed of 3,400 rpm.

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