Varieties of Mens Low Rise Briefs

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The revolution and change in trends has laid the backbone for manufacturing industries to bring out more varieties to suit the fashion requirements of every man. The world is not the same anymore as it was 50 years back. Though men's fashion styles needs to catch up with women's fashion world in terms of style and varieties nonetheless, they have made the start and progressed well and we are almost there. In general men's underwear can be categorized as briefs, boxer briefs and boxers. However though both briefs and boxers serve different purposes, they are popular in their own ways and serves different occasions. The latter is meant for relaxing at home or beach or certain sports activities such as beach volleyball etc. The former is comparatively smaller in size and fits the body of men perfectly. Briefs tend to be more comfortable and it defines the figure of each and every man. In 1948 the brief variety was very famous such that the British Olympic team was given free pairs and the most famous brief among them was the white colored traditional briefs. Though briefs are traditional they are sexy and unique in their own ways.

Most athletes prefer briefs for athletic events as holds the genitals more firmly in a fixed position than what loose fit underwear could do. They are referred to as Y-front. And they come in three varieties. You have the traditional briefs, mid-rise briefs, and low-rise briefs. Mid-rise briefs sit around the waist area about 2 inches from the waist whereas low-rise briefs sit around 3 inches down from the actual waist area. The low-rise briefs are quite popular and they come in different styles, colors and designs. They are popularly known as hip hugging style of briefs.

The commonly used materials for manufacturing this underwear are lycra, spandex, cotton and elastane. Most men prefer cotton underwear's while some prefer 90% of cotton blended with 10% of other materials. The above mix of materials makes the men's underwear more comfortable and flexible. They also provide the stretching attributes to the fabric. The cost of this underwear's is also too nominal to bear and almost everyone can afford them. It fits every age group of the men's society and thus almost men of all age group prefer this style of underwear as it is both traditional and not very particular in terms of style and make. It serves as a best swimwear too. The comfort it gives you after you wear your pants is very high compared to other varieties of briefs.

As I said, it was pretty traditional once and it's not the same anymore with the developing market and modernizing fashion industries, it comes in wide variety of styles and colors and fabrics. There are men's silk knit briefs, classic briefs, sports briefs, microfiber briefs, nylon briefs etc. The Silk brief is the most comfortable of the lot and completely machine washable. It controls moisture and heat loss as well. 2-xist bold contour pouch brief is the most famous among the lot when it comes to low-raise briefs which have a traditional fit with a punch of contrast piping. They also do come in many assortments of cuts.
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