What Is Job Performance Evaluation?

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    • The job performance evaluation is significant in that it is a time for your employer to provide important feedback on how well you have performed your duties. Depending upon the results of your evaluation, you could be offered a promotion or a raise. In any event, the feedback your employer provides will give you insight into areas of job performance where you can improve. You should go into a job performance evaluation with an open mind and be willing to accept both positive and negative criticism.


    • Make sure you are well rested and alert on the day of your job performance evaluation. Prepare a list of important questions you want to ask. Your employer is looking for your reaction to the feedback he provides regarding your job performance. Think about where you would like your career to advance and how you feel you can be an asset to the company. Demonstrating initiative in preparing for your evaluation will show your employer you are highly motivated and willing to accept suggestions for improvement.

    Address Your Concerns

    • During your evaluation, address any concerns about your job with your employer. This is not a time for you to remain silent. Your employer wants to hear your feedback. If you feel that you are ready to take on additional duties, communicate this to your supervisor. Let your supervisor know what he can do to help you perform your duties more efficiently. He will appreciate your honesty and initiative in wanting to perform your job more effectively.


    • Ask your employer if you can schedule a meeting after your evaluation. Tell your employer the steps you have taken to incorporate suggestions given for improvement. Your supervisor will take note of the fact that you listened to his advice and are working on improving your job performance. This could serve you well when it is time for your next job performance evaluation.

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