How Are Trees Processed Into Firewood?

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    Types of Firewood

    • Common hard woods processed for use in domestic fireplaces include the following: ash, oak, elm, maple, mulberry, Osage and birch.

    Wood Processing Equipment

    • Common equipment for commercial firewood processing companies includes a grapple for transportation of cut tree trunks, a wood processor (with an automatic chainsaw and wood splitter), and an elevator for moving split wood around.


    • Cut a tree down with a chain saw or axe. If working with large, industrial equipment, pick up the cut tree trunk with your grapple and transport it to the wood processor. Place a whole tree trunk on the processor, operate the automatic chainsaw on the processor and allow the cut log to flow through the automatic splitter which will split the cylinder shaped log into four quarters.


    • For wood to burn effectively, it must be dried of all its sap. It usually takes about six months for wood to season; ideally you should cut your wood in the spring for use in the winter.


    • Endeavor to keep the bark on the split pieces of wood--this will help the wood burn. Birch bark is ideal for starting fires as its properties are similar to that of finished paper. According to Best Firewood and Mulch, "well seasoned logs make a sharp ringing sound;" they will be cracked on the ends, they will not be reddish or golden in color and they will have a woody smell.

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