How to Make Category 5E Cables

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    How to Make Category 5E Cables

    • 1). Strip approximately an inch and a half or 2 inches of cable with a wire stripper. Category 5e cables are typically a thickness of 24 gauge, so grab one end of the wire, and carefully insert the cable into the wire stripper, and then pull it slowly. You may have to make several indentations into the wire sleeve to pull it off cleanly.

    • 2). Untwist the wires.

      When separated, the wires should represent the following order of respective colors:

      oStriped Orange


      oStriped Green


      oStriped Blue


      oStriped Brown


    • 3). Use an RJ-45 crimp tool (or a flathead screwdriver), to put these wires into the RJ-45, 8-position modular plugs. Divided into 8 individual sections, the plugs must hold the wires in the right order, according to their color.

    • 4). Place the RJ-45 crimp tool on a flat surface and force down its handle by using the screwdriver. Once the plunger is down, you just have to verify that the wires are unbent and terminating at the head of the plug.

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