Wu Yi Weight Loss Tea

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Camellia sinensis is another name for tea leaves.
Tea leaves of any variety have medicinal and healing properties.
Teas are beverages that are drank by cultures and communities all over the world.
However, it was the Asians, specifically the Chinese that truly discovered what a magical potion Wu Yi weight loss tea actually is.
Wu Yi tea for weight loss is also known as Oolong tea, and these varieties mostly grow in tropical climate and some variants manage to grow in lands with higher moisture levels as well.
To completely understand the complete effects of WuYi, let us first discuss the differences between Wu Yi Chinese weight loss tea and normal green tea, which also promotes lose weight.
The primary difference between them is the process and methods of fermentation between the two varieties as well as other factors of the production of green teas including the place of plantation, and the quality of the soil used to cultivate the tea leaves play a part in the effects of the health teas produced.
One of the most important factors that makes Wu Yi weight loss tea more effective than normal green or black tea is the difference in levels of oxidization.
Normal green teas are produced by directly boiling or drying the tea leaves at their greenest phase, thereby retaining their green color.
When you further dry and toast green tea leaves, black teas are produced, which has a richer, stronger and fuller aroma and body.
Unlike green and black teas, WuYi, also known as Oolong teas are produced through a very particular harvesting process.
When still at a raw stage, the tea leaves are left to bask in the sun rays and bruised in order to let the juices run out.
After that, the leaves are left in contact with the air so that the natural oxidation process takes place.
This oxidation makes Wu Yi tea weight loss system unique as it contains more anti oxidant properties compared to any other herbal teas available in the market today.
The uniqueness of Wu Yi weight loss tea is beneficial in so many ways including detoxification of the blood, revitalizing the major organs and digestive track, increasing metabolic rate, thereby resulting in very visible fat loss, with holistic increased strength, all in all make life a much longer and pleasant experience.
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