How to Get Iron Out of Sprinklers

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    • 1). Remove the sprinkler from the hose and clean off any loose dirt or grime by rubbing it with a brass-bristle wire brush under a stream of water. If possible, separate the sprinkler head from its detachable base to isolate the problem areas.

    • 2). Fill a bucket large enough to hold the sprinkler head with equal parts cool water and household rust remover. There are several chemicals available that attack iron and rust deposits, including toilet bowl cleaners. Check to see if the chemical is safe for use on plastic parts or rubber grommets inside the sprinkler head.

    • 3). Submerge the sprinkler head in the mixture and let it sit for 30 minutes. While wearing chemical-resistant gloves, remove the sprinkler head from the bucket and thoroughly rinse it off in a sink with cold water.

    • 4). Pass the brass-bristle wire brush through the water pathways to abrade remaining iron deposits. Rinse water through the sprinkler head again to clean debris that flaked off from the brushing.

    • 5). Reinstall the sprinkler and turn it on to see if it functions properly.

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