Racing Horse Tips - How to Know Which Online Tipster to Follow

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Loads of people every day are searching for Racing Horse Tips.
And its obvious why.
It's easy to make some nice extra cash from the horses.
I'm not going to kid you and tell you that you can make millions from the horses (you can but then you would probably have to own the horse!), but with some fairly modest bets there is no reason why you can't make some nice extra cash on the side to pay for those extra comforts in life to make you or your loved ones happy.
Only problem with making money on the horses is that you do need to know something about horse racing.
Guessing just isn't going to cut it.
You have to know the form of the horses, understand the handicap system and how the weather and draw bias on a course may affect your betting.
Now understanding all the factors you need to about horse racing is not rocket science...
but nor is it easy! That's why if you don't have the inclination to do all the research yourself, you should maybe use the service of an internet tipster to get your racing horse tips.
There are loads of online tipsters to choose from and I would suggest you use the following criteria to not waste your time on poor tipsters.
Make sure:
  • the tips are free; that way if you don't like them then you can just stop them at any time.
  • the tips are genuine and plentiful and not just a win favourite which can be found in the Racing Post
  • the tipsters knows what he is talking about (explore his site before hand)
  • tips are sent on a daily basis
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