How to Obtain a Good Draft From a Wood-Fired Baking Oven

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    • 1). Open the oven damper, stove pipe damper and any other dampers before starting a fire. Warm the stovepipe and create a draft by burning a few pieces of crumpled newspaper.

    • 2). When the stovepipe is warm, build a fire in your wood-fired baking oven. Place another crumpled newspaper on the floor of the oven, then add a few pieces of kindling. Place a few moderate-sized pieces of wood in a teepee arrangement over the kindling. Always use wood that has been allowed to season for a minimum of six months.

    • 3). Light the newspaper. When the kindling catches fire, close the oven door. Once the fire is hot, adjust the oven damper to regulate the temperature. The stovepipe damper should be left fully open.

    • 4). Check the ash box if smoke leaks into the room. Allowing the ash box to become more than three-quarters full will make building a hot fire with a good draft very difficult. If your wood-fired baking oven is heavily used, clean the ash box daily.

    • 5). Consider adding an additional elbow to the stove pipe if smoke enters your kitchen on windy days. An additional elbow is especially helpful if the wind blows consistently from the same direction.

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