How to Copy WAV File to Mac

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    External Hard Drive/Flash Drive Transfer

    • 1). Connect an external hard drive or flash drive to your PC via a USB jack. This a quick and efficient way to transfer any file, and depending on the size of the drive, you can use it to transfer a group of files.

    • 2). Copy the WAV file onto the drive.

    • 3). Eject the drive from your computer.

    • 4). Connect the same drive to your Mac

    • 5). Drag and drop the file anywhere on the Mac.

    • 6). Eject the drive.

    CD or DVD Transfer

    • 1). Insert a writable CD or DVD into your PC.

    • 2). Add the WAV file to the CD and use CD or DVD-burning software to burn the file to the CD.

    • 3). Eject the CD.

    • 4). Insert the CD into your Mac.

    • 5). Drag and drop the file onto the hard drive or desktop.

    Email Transfer

    • 1). Open your email account.

    • 2). Attach the WAV file to an email message. This is an easy way to do a quick transfer without using any storage device.

    • 3). Send the email to yourself.

    • 4). Go to your Mac, retrieve the email and download the attachment.

    • 5). Save the file on your computer.

    Direct Connection

    • 1). Set up a direction connection between your PC and Mac if you have a workgroup on the PC. This is useful if you have a batch of WAV files (or other types) that you want to transfer. Turn both computers on to begin.

    • 2). Connect an Ethernet cable between your Mac and PC.

    • 3). Click the Finder on your Mac. Choose the "Go" menu, and select "Connect to Server." In the Server Address dialog box, enter your PC's network address. Enter "smb://IPaddress/ShareName

    • 4). Click "Connect." This requires entering a workgroup, username and password, and the folder you need.

    • 5). Open the PC volume that appears on your Mac desktop. Select the files you want and drag them to the Mac desktop. Disconnect the PC volume.

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